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Payment Information

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation fee is $200, and subsequent consultations within 12 months cost $100. If you are on the pension or have a healthcare card, your consultation will be bulk-billed with Medicare directly.

Is there any rebate for my consultation fee from Medicare?

If you are covered by Medicare and have a current referral, our staff can submit your claim directly to Medicare after receiving payment. We will print your statement to show your rebate. If Dr Wu performs a bedside ultrasound on you, you will be charged a small fee for this at the same time, however this fee will be fully rebatable with Medicare and therefore you will not incur any out-of-pocket cost for the ultrasound.

Why do I need a referral if I have seen the doctor before?

In order for specialist consultations to be rebated, patients require a current referral, as per Medicare requirements. You can see Dr Wu without a current referral, but you will not be able to claim from Medicare. Referrals from specialists last for 3 months, and referrals from GPs last for 12 months.

How will procedures and operations be billed?

The cost of surgery or procedure depends on the type of procedure and the severity of your condition. Medicare determines the value of each medical service, which is called the Scheduled Fee. As a private patient in a hospital that accepts Medicare, you are entitled to a 75% rebate of the Schedule Fee for services and procedures, with the remaining 25% paid for by your Health Fund.


There are 3 ways we might invoice you for surgery:

Patient invoiced directly:

An invoice is issued directly to you for payment within 28 days. We will let you know before your surgery what that invoice is going to look like and how much you will be out-of-pocket. Once you have paid, we will issue a receipt that you can use to claim from Medicare and your Health Fund.
Known Gap:

A few Health Funds agree to pay a slightly higher rate than the Schedule Fee. The Health Fund will be invoiced directly, and we will bill you an out-of-pocket amount (known gap). You need to be a member of a Health Fund that has such a scheme. This known gap amount can vary depending on the type and complexity of surgery or procedure and which Health Fund you are with. After the consultation, you will be advised in writing of the amount of gap payment.

No Gap: 

If you have a no-gap payment arrangement, surgical fees are billed directly to the Health Insurance Providers. This is allowed by most Health Funds with whom we enter into an agreement. With a no-gap payment arrangement, you will not be charged an out-of-pocket fee.

Are there any other costs involved with operations?

There may be other costs involved with operations. You will need to pay the hospital excess fee directly to the Private Hospital you will be attending. The amount will vary depending on the details of your insurance policy. There may also be an anaesthetist fee, which may also have a gap payment. Once your surgery date and location are set, we can provide you with the details of the anaesthetist to arrange a quote or estimate for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us during office hours, and we will assist you in obtaining an estimate of costs for your surgical procedure before you go ahead with your admission.

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